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We “think in probabilities.” Investing (and life) does not exist in absolutes rather probabilties and shades of grey. In the short to mid term there are volatility flows that drive the markets and create the market structure dynamics we experience while the macroeconomic factors affect the longer term. We must understand these option market flows by deciphering the signal from the noise so we can capture that momentum while also focusing on longer term value strategies.

We are in a changing environment. The past 40 years have seen massive expansion as well as debt accumulation. We appear to be in a late cycle with post-GFC (2008/9) exponentially accelerating that era of loosened monetary policy and ZIRP, which is behind us. 

This upcoming time period should be different and, thus, challenging to maintain real returns above the potentially secular inflationary period coupled with lower growth amidst monetary devalution. Many economists and financial market experts has said we will have a “lost decade” and call the next 5-10 years+ “the most difficult time period since the Great Depressions.” 

Regardless, at Hydra Wealth Advisors, we believe these challeges present tremendous opportunities ahead for those that are prepared with the knowledge and experience, we just need to Think Different and Invest Different.

What Is A Hydra?

The HYDRA is the symbol for resilience and adaptibility and represents the unique capability to come back stronger in the face of challenges and adversity. In Greek mythology, when the head of the Hydra was cut off, 2 heads would grow back in its place. At Hydra Wealth Advisors, we believe in building financial resilience and getting stronger in these chaotic, rapidly changing times. Be ANTI-FRAGILE like the HYDRA. Anything is truly possible with the right mindset, knowledge, and experience. Think Different with Hydra Wealth Advisors. Survive and thrive in rising disorder, entropy, and chaos.

At Hydra Wealth Advisors, we focus on not only surviving but thriving by applying a 'systems thinking' approach to challenges to discover the opportunities for innovative solutions. There are always new subsets of opportunities that arise from the challenges. It is about perspective and mindset. We have the expertise and experience and are your financial partners in staying ahead of these difficult times which are opportunities to adapt and come back stronger and better.

There is always a better, different way.

"In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run it is a weighing machine."

Ben Graham

Hydra Wealth Advisors provides investment advice to high net worth individuals and families, family offices, RIAs, businesses, and large institutions with their investment strategy and decision making that is macro focused and momentum driven. Our advice is based on a balanced approach to investing that combines quantitative and discretionary factors from short to mid term volatility flows and longer term macroeconomics factors to help you stay ahead during these challenging times.

We decipher signal from noise. There are many different investment strategies, however, a core feature of our holistic, balanced approach is diversification. Diversification strategies across asset classes focusing on investments in commodities and real assets such as GOLD, SILVER, Miners, and Bitcoin. Creative, efficient, and innovative ways to minimize risk while investing with monetary debasement protection and embedded inflation hedge across the board. Uncertainty is the only certainty. Therefore, it is important to think in probabilities and the probabilities of challenges arising are higher due to the confluence of factors. However, challenges present many opportunities. We are Macroeconomics focused for growth, value, risk mitigation, and monetary debasement protection while also capturing Momentum based investments.

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Are You Ready?

  • Secularly Inflationary Period in Some Sticky Areas – Inflation is Cumulative
  • Higher for “Longer” Especially Compared to ZIRP
  • Increased Deficit Spending – Debt/GDP over 120%
  • Higher Cost of Debt & Capital = Higher Cost Of Money
  • Declining Productivity
  • Long Term Yields Rising
  • Increased Demand for Real Assets
  • Higher Prices especially with necessities such as energy & food 
  • Continued Cental Bank Devaluation of FIAT Currencies
  • Higher Risk Premia and Higher Volatility and Uncertainty
  • Lower Liquidity and Agressive Monetary Policy Tightening
  • Margins Compressed
  • Rerate of Risk
  • Corporate Credit Crunch with Lower Supply & Demand of Lending
  • Stagnation in G7 Countries with Potential Outperformance by Emerging Markets
  • Automation, AI, Blockchain Digital Revolutions

SIMPLIFY. We live in an era of information overload. Too much information is available to us but it does not make us smarter or better informed. Furthermore, unless sorted properly which is nearly impossible, it all becomes noise. Less is more. We are here to SIMPLIFY your investment strategies because this is OUR focus. It is SIMPLE but not easy.

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Our Founder

Rosanna Prestia, MBA

Founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Strategist

Serial entrepreneur, investor, CEO, CIO, business and investment strategist for over 25 years. Extensive experience and expertise in all levels of investing from private equity to real estate to securities including derivatives trading.

Rosanna utilizes a unique interdiscipliary, holistic approach to investment advisement blending behavioral and applied economics with independent “systems thinking.” Her balanced approach to investing combines quantitative and discretionary factors while blending macroeconomics with momentum.

Educated at Johns Hopkins University with Masters Degrees in Applied Economics, Business Administration with Finance and Investments from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Decision and Information Sciences from University of Florida. Rosanna recently completed Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Executive Education program, LEADERSHIP DECISION MAKING.

Rosanna leads several professional teams as CEO & CIO at Hydra Capital Group, a private equity investing firm she co-founded in 2017, continuing her leadership legacy in business, investments and commercial real estate firms since 1999. Rosanna is also a speaker and founder of her media podcast project, The RO Show.

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