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Is Hydra Wealth Advisors For You?

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • High Net Worth Families
  • Corporations
  • Institutions
  • Family Offices
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Individuals, Families, Businesses with recent liquidity event or other significant wealth decision

Executing decisions effectively and efficiently is an art.

We have extensive hands-on experience with wealth optimization decisions.

Decision sciences and behavioral economics are our forte.

We can help you.


We provide independent advice for investment, business, and wealth opportunistic decisions using our interdisciplianary holistic approach plus cost/benefit and risk analysis


We provide independent advice for wealth growth through investments with risk mitigation strategies via diversification across alternative asset classes focused on innovation.


We provide independent advice on wealth preservation against monetary debasement and inflation with alternatives, risk parity, commodities, real assets, and BITCOIN.

Why Use Hydra Wealth Advisors?

Independent "Advice-Only" Fiduciary

Interdisciplinary "Systems Thinking" Holistic Approach to Wealth and Investments

Decision Making Expertise and Experience

Public and Private Equity Investing Experience

Business Acquisition and Disposition Experience

Focused on High Net Worth Situations

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Having an experienced independent investment advisor is like having a money coach by your side. We are here to help you feel more at ease with your investment decisions so you can pursue your financial goals with ease.

We are in a new era with massive increasing debt, higher embedded inflation, tightening liquidity, and higher rates which has changed the dynamics of investing. The cost of money is higher and there is a rerate of risk. “Free”, easy money and negative rates are behind us. Our money is worth less as our purchasing power has been on a steady decline since the 1950s and rapidly accelerated post-GFC to the fastest acceleration in 2020. There is rising uncertainty leading to higher volatility. Risk premia is higher and liquidity is declining.

The traditional 60/40 portfolio isn’t diversified and its returns in 2022 were worse than 2008. Risk mitigation strategies and alternative investing solutions are necessary to not only stay ahead but also provide returns above our monetary devaluation. Diversification strategies across asset classes focusing on investments in commodities and real assets such as GOLD, SILVER, Miners, and Bitcoin.

“Buy and Hold” has its challenges in an environment of value dilution where we are getting LESS outputs for MORE inputs. Without significant real growth, earnings can erode amidst currency devaluation, higher inflation, restrictive monetary policy with higher rates. Although interest rates aren’t historically “high” it is the change from the recent ZIRP and easy money. The policies and environment have changed therefore our investment strategies should change as well. 

Our investment strategies pursue portfolio resistance and enhanced returns with a multi-asset approach across multiple asset classes and long-short strategies. Our goal is to seek outperformance with below-market risk with various strategies including risk mitigation, smart beta, factor investing, etc driven by innovation.

Macroeconomics Focused


Growth, Income, Value Strategies

Factor Investing


  • Economic Growth (GDP)
  • Real Rates (Risk of Interest Rate Changes)
  • Inflation (Exposure to Price Changes)
  • Credit (Default Risk)
  • Emerging Markets (Political and Sovereign Risks)
  • Liquidity (Holding Illiquid Assets)

Factor Investing


  • Value
  • Volatility
  • Size
  • Momentum or Trend Following
  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Carry
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